Monday, October 4, 2010

Kristian Windahl has after many buts find his way the blog thanks to some non hostile classmates.

As I said my name is Kristian Windahl with the middle name Don and I’m from Sweden, living in the southern parts, although my heritage comes from the capitol, Stockholm. I really don’t have a picture of me but I guess Facebook could compensate for that. Until then my description of me have to do: I'm blond, about 180 centimeters tall (5,9 ft), my physical appearance and shape is not up to me to commentate so I’m leaving you to decide. I live outside the town of Helsingborg in a shitty suburb which I’m not very proud of and I have already looked up an apartment to live in after my parents are finished tormenting me.

I got a couple of hobbies, very much depending on the weather, but one that is and always has been (and probably always will be) is tennis. My entire life is inflicted by tennis of some sort, I’m both playing and teaching it right now and I’m planning to study a year in America and hopefully I could get play some tennis as well.

I don’t know if you Americans know this but most of our TV-channels air 80 per cent pure American programs there for my favorite TV-show is Scrubs – and yes I’ve always wanted to try an Appeltini and no I’m not gay! Other cultures participating in our Swedish society is music; my God, I know that Green Day have a new hit single you don’t have to rub it in my face (You don’t have to rub anything in my face for that matter).

Sports then: I don’t know that much about either baseball or basketball but hockey I’m found of, and by the way, the fact that Americans call football soccer is ridiculous, and you call a sport where you barley use your feet for football? Why? My favorite hockey team is the San Jose Sharks where among others Douglas Murray plays. I’ve never been to the states but when, because I will, I’m definitely going so see a game.

Okay my inspiration is lacking and it’s getting harder to come up with new stuff to write about so I will just stop there.

Greetings from Kristian W


  1. Hej.
    Jag älskar Scrubs! Jag tror den två sist år är bästa. Jag tycker om Ted och Janitor mest. Vem tycker du mest på Scrubs?

    So I'll ask you in English also...
    Who is your favorite character on Scrubs? I like Ted and Janitor the most, and in the last 2 seasons, they have a bigger part in the show, so those are my favorite seasons.

  2. Jag gillar Scrubs också, mest för att min flickvän gillar det så mycket.

    I sommar hittade jag Tv serien How I met Your Mother med svenska undertexter.

    Is that show pretty popular in Sweden? Is American TV all you Swedes watch or are there any decent Swedish originals?

  3. It is lovely to hear that you like Scrubs. My favorite character is definitely the janitor but I love Dr. Cox and JD & Turk is just inseparable. I love the joke when JD says “It’s Turk & JD and JD!”.
    To answer your question Tyler: Yes How I met your mother is pretty popular in Sweden and everyone loves Barney but I don’t fancy it, and yes I guess there are some good shows here as well but they’re mostly about Swedish housewives in America and there is one show about a big and cheap shopping mall a few miles from here in Helsingborg.