Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Okay, here we go!

So, I've had some trouble signing up but now I'm here!
My name is Calle Hemström and like many others in this class
I'm from the small village Viken. On my spare time I hang out with
my friends, my girlfriend Sarah who's also in this class and when
I'm not doing that I kind of live in the world of music. It has always been
a very big part of me and I play mostly the Guitar and Piano but I am
very interested in other instruments as well. Right now I'm playing
in a cover-band with some other guys at Campeon. We were some
guys playing instruments individually and finally we were like "come on,
there's no use in sitting like some loners in our rooms playing solo, let's
play together instead."

I'm also very interested in photography! I must say, you guys across the pond
have the most awesome prices on photo equipment ever! It's like 30% of the
price here in Sweden. So when i get to NYC next week (which I'm kinda
psyched about) theres going to be a lot of photo shopping I tell you.

Me and my friends just had our first talk with some of the girls (Holly
and Britta) and after some major problems with their lousy mics (sorry
you guys) we finally got to have a small chat with them which was really
great! Too bad it was like 50 mins of technical talk about where the sound
settings in skype were located and about like 10 mins of us actually talking!

To "knyta ihop säcken" as we say a lot here at Campeon (look it up), here's
two pictures of me:


In action with my previous band!

One of the first days at Campeon, like 2 years
ago (I'm the guy at the far right)

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