Sunday, October 10, 2010

Let's get it started

Hello you! First of all I liked to say that the Swedish you American guys have is great! I can't even write that good in spanish and I've read it for like 5 years or so. You should be very proud of yourselves! Well right now I should probably be calculating x and y ( I'm really, really bad at math) or be packing (our class is going to Stockholm tomorrow!) but math and packing isn't exactly my cup of tea.
I rather tell you guys something about myself. My name is Gabriella Kubista. Kubista isn't a thypical Swedish surname, and that's because my mother and father are from Slovakia and the Czech republic, but I'm born and raised in Sweden. I live in Helsingborg with my mother, father and a little brother. Wich isn't that little after all. Hate that guys grow so much during puberty.

Well, I have four jobs because I like money, haha, that was a true joke (?).
No but I want to pay my driving license by myself and it's not cheap ( it would be if I was a better driver). I really wish I could have the license right NOW. The worst job I have is the one at the Max hamburgerrestaurant. It's like a Swedish Mcdonalds, only better ;) If you guys come over here sometime I will introduce it to you. I love the food, but it's a crappy job.

Because my passion in life is eating junkfood I have to train alot, which I do like 8 hours a week. I have skated figureskating since the age of 3 and I still love it. It's not a very big sport in Sweden but I bet it is in the USA. I'm so sad for not going to the states! I thought I would met the love of my life there, a famous figureskater called Evan Lysacek ;) ( that was a joke as well). Heard of him?

Well I could go on for hours about myself, and I don't think you would appreciate that... Oh I just have to mention that I'm a TV-nerd! I love all your american tv-shows! So you think you can dance, desperate housewifes, greys anatomy, how I met your mother, CSI and my favorite: one tree hill! So if some of you like TV as much as I do, don't hesitate! Contact me on msn : and we can discuss that Brooke should be with Lucas ;)
Hope to hear from you soon!

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  1. Hey Gabriella!

    I'm so glad to meet a fellow figure skater! I skated for over ten, pairs, and a bit of dance. My coaches had wanted me to drop out of high school so I could be at the rink all day because I was only able to train 3 hrs/day during the school year, which was only half as much ice time as my competitors had. But I stuck it out in school, and when I had to choose between skating and college, I chose college. I was struggling to keep a consistent double axel (which resulted in a giant bruise on my right hip for three straight years) and I wasn't making progress on my triples. So quitting was really for the best. I miss it so much though, and you should stick with it no matter what, a lesson I learned way too late.

    Skating, unfortunately, is not very popular in the States. In fact, many people here make fun of it, especially hockey players and fans. I really dislike hockey players. As a kid, older hockey players at my first rink used to beat me with their sticks and their coaches encouraged them! So, yeah. I'm skeptical of the character of hockey players. They have to earn my trust. And as for Evan, he's such a jerk, and a player. And anyway, Johnny Weir is where it's at. He deserved the bronze in Vancouver, I am still mad about that. Johnny is iconoclastic. He's utterly brilliant. But enough about them...what kind of skating do you do? Singles? Pairs? Dance?

    Also, FOUR jobs!? I've never had time for even one job. How can you manage four?!