Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Oh, hello!

My name is Embla, I’m almost eighteen years old (only one month left!) and I’m crazy happy most of the time. Except for those days when you don’t want to leave bed, but then I just don’t. Those subjects in school that I appreciate most are actually all of them as long as I can write; I love to express myself through writing. Of course there are times when you’re studying a terribly boring part of a course, but it’s important to remember that every task contributes to your development.

I live north of Helsingborg in a small village called Viken, it’s situated along the seaside with a really nice beach and a charming little port. I live with my mother, father and little brother Adam, but the favorite member of the family is our lovely and wild turtle! His (or her? Kind of hard to know.) name is Jönsson.

On my spare time I study, read books, letting my creative part live out through photos and text, training or hanging out with my great friends. I love listening to music but unfortunately my creative mind doesn’t go that far. This summer I visited two music festivals, they were the two greatest weeks of my summer; to dance and drink beer all daaay and all night. Next summer I’m planning lots of more trips, right now I don’t really know where but probably through Europe. Eventually I want to spend some time in both North and South America, but that kind of trip requires a lot more work. More about that later, I'm looking forward to get to know you all!

/ Embla


  1. jag hade en sköldpadda när jag blev fem år. Jag heter sköldpadda "Sammy" eftersom Sammy kan bli en pojke eller flicka namn.

    På englska.

    I had a turtle when I was like 5, and I named it Sammy because I didn't know if it as a boy or girl, and the name could be for either. And Sammy smelled really bad!

  2. Haha, a smelly turtle? Lucky for me my turtle dosent smell at all. Jönsson is a common last name in Sweden so it's probably also a great name for a she or he.. (Shemale?)
    Hur länge har du studerat svenska? Spännande att veta eftersom att jag läst spanska i 4 år och är jättedålig!

  3. Jag studrat svenska på två år, men jag hade en år dessemellan eftersom en obligatorisk konst klassen, och den har år är mycket jättedålig!