Monday, October 4, 2010


My name is Sarah and I am 18 years old. I'm on my third and final year at Campeon Frigymnasium, which you probably already know. My favourit subjects in school are social science and history, including English (if Katharina is reading this.) I live in a small village outside of Helsingborg called Jonstorp. I live with my parents and my little sister. I'm half Malaysian, a quater German and a quater Swedish.

On my spare time I like to play tennis, just like Kristian, the diffrence is that Kristian is much better than I am. I also like to read books and look at movies. My favourit movies is Sin City and Pride & Prejudice. KISS is my favourit music band, but I listen to a lot of other music too. I like shopping to, especially clothes. After I've finished high school I would like to study law.

I'm looking forward to get to know you guys!

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