Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sport is not only for the guys!

Hi, it's me again. The girl who likes to bake but not to eat (what I've baked)! And yes, what Nathalie says is definately true, she IS the foodie (sorry Natty). I would also like to tell you guys that it is not only the boys that are interested in sports, I am too. I love to excersise (as I said) and I am extremly interested in all other sports as well. Right now it is football or soccer as you say, because the team from our city Helsingborgs IF (HIF) have got the opportunity to win the leauge, even though it might be tough now, since they lost the last game. But we are crossing our fingers and praying for luck!! ;)
I can also tell you all that I have touched the Stanley Cup trofy, when it was visiting Helsingborg a few years ago, it was amazing, even though I think it is very ugly!! ...

The picture of me is not the best in the world but it describes what I love the most (exept the cooking part) The beautiful winter weather, skiing and exercising. LOOVE it!

But life is not always about the fun parts, now for exemple I am going to study before a major test in law that we are going to have tomorrow morning, so I wish you all a good day and night.

Emma Johansson

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