Tuesday, October 5, 2010

hejsan allihopa everybody!

I'm Emma Arenbo, I'm 17 years old and I live in a suburb to Helsingborg called Lerberget with my parents, my brothers and my weirdo-dog Polly .

I'm in the same Senior class at Campeon Frigymnasium as all the other swedes as you probably will guess! My favorite classes are communication, English, psychology and law studies and I'm thinking about studying psychology, law or medicine at uni later on.

I enjoy listening to music, like Bon Iver, MGMT, U2, Air and random electro music - mostly like this, hanging out with my friends and my boyfriend, partying, exercising at the local gym - especially core-training and yoga, photographing, MUN (Model United Nations, yes I'm a bit geeky sometimes but I find it very interesting), baking and cooking, travelling and outdoor-life like hiking, skiing in the Alps, canoeing and scouting with my little lovely troop of small and annoying eight year old cubs and brownies.

I think that I'm an outgoing, curious and positive person that loves life but sucks at writing interesting introductions about myself, haha! So, if you have any questions, or comments or whatever, just tell me, and if you want, you can always add me on Facebook!


this is me (surprise surprise!)

this is me (to the left) and two of my best friends when we were in Berlin

and, as a proper finishing, some swedish humour that might be useful (eeerh, or not!)

(this is from a very popular humour-show in Sweden called HippHipp)


  1. Ah! Det är bra att du visade oss svensk humor! Jag trodde att det var roligt, men jag vet inte om jag förstod allt :P. Prata det om danska? Eller skånska?

    Anyway, det är bra att träffa dig. Lyssnar du på musik sjungas på svenska?



  2. Hej! Det är mest överdriven svenska blandat med skånska :)

    Självklart lyssnar jag på svensk musik. Youtube håkan hellström, lars winnerbäck och Kent. De är mina favoriter!