Friday, October 8, 2010


Hi you guys! My name is Naima and I'm turning 18 in 4 days :D I've been looking forward to this exchange since I started studing on Campeon. It's really interesting to read about you guys and I'm really excited that you'll come to Sweden.
So a little about myself...I guess I'm not really up to that much (sad?). Most of the time on weekdays is set aside for studying. On weekends I sometimes party, and now, since I'm turning 18 I'm probably going to be partying every weekend. If you don't know about it allready, in Sweden it's legal to drink alcohol when you're 18.
Two hours every saturday I work at an old peoples home (like the one Grandpa in Simpsons live at :D) as an "entertainer". We drink coffee with them, talk about their lives and do activities like quiz, playing games, singing and nailpainting. It's really rewarding and you learn a lot from it (even though it's not really much of an income :P )
I live with my dad, my older brother and my cat in a big house at Råå, an old little fishing village south of Helsingborg. My mom lives in Småland, about two hours from Helsingborg. I like cooking, especially desserts and I was actually going to make a cookbook with recipes for desserts that I came up with myself as my project. But I changed my mind, and now I'm going to do a book about homeless people in Helsingborg instead. The last year in school everyone in Sweden does a project that we get grades in, and it can basicly be about anything. I've been to the US three times, one of them on Hawaii. USA is great!
I'm involved in an organization that works against rasism in Helsingborg, and that is a lot of fun. I'm also a member of the partycommittee at Campeon, so if everyone's down with the proposal Mariette had, I suggest we have a big f*cking party when you guys come here! :)

Love, Naima Clevenhag

I couldn't get the pictures right, so I'll just put them here. The first one is a dessert that I made :P and
the second one is from the latest party we had at Campeon. Also, check out our classphoto at facebook:
you guys have facebook right? Cuz we all spend 60% of our lives at Facebook...

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  1. Välkommen! Förlåt för vara så sent att kommentera, men jag ville säga att jag har adderade dig på facebook! (Och ja, vi alla har det också :P)