Monday, October 4, 2010

Oh crap, another swede..

Oh, i'm such a poser..

Hi everybody! (say it just like Dr. Nick Riviera in the Simpsons, hehe..)

My name is Christina Chis, i'm 18 years old and live in the southern part of Sweden in a small village called Hyllinge near Helsingborg.
I'm on my third and last year as a so called "Campeonit", that's what students at Campeon are called and kinda just loving life.
I have a tattoo on my ribs, just love tattoos.. I'm getting one more this friday and i'm so excited.
And in contrast to my other classmates I don't do sports. I just wasn't made for it.
Well, I used to play football but they cut our team and sometimes go to the gym, but that's only when I feel guilty for eating too many cookies..
You see, I'm a cookie monster and I love to cook and bake.
Now it probably sounds like I weigh 1000 kilos but I swear I don't!
Maybe in a few years if I keep my eating habits up? ;)

I'm a quite outgoing and happy person that loves to laugh and have fun.
Love, love, love to meet new people and go out to dance!

On my spare time I hang out with my friends, go out for walks and play with my puppy and I also like to read and watch movies. My favourite movie so far is Donnie Darko.
I also like photography and I listen to alot of music, mostly rockmusic but I can listen to almost anything.

Oh yeah, I have a shitbull puppy (a pitbull mix) and he is almost 9 weeks old.
The old ladies in my village hate me for getting this dog, they think he'll eat their precious poodles. But he is so cute, just look at the pic! :)

Well, I have no clue what else to write so this will have to do for now.
Look forward to meeting all of you and hope you'll like Sweden!

By the way, do any of you have tattoos and how many of you like to cook and bake?


My puppy Maxx.

My tattoo.


  1. Hej.
    Jag har fyra lite tatuerar. Du få tatuerar när årton år eller sexton med föräldar tillstånd. Jag var sexon när min första tatuerar, men mina föräldar inte känna. Jag tror den tatuerar artist behöva öl pengar. Min bäst tatuerar är en musik not bakom min öra. Min mamma känna två tatuerar jag har, men min pappa känna en tatuerar. Min föräldar tycker inte om tatuerar. Vad tycker om du föräldar?

    I'll do this in English also because my Swedish is probably really bad. So I have 4 tattoos, and my favorite tattoo is a music note behind my hear. In Michigan you have to be 18 to get a tattoo, or 16 with parents permission, but I got my first tattoo without permission when I was 16. It was really illegal and cheap, and I think the guy just wanted money for beer. My parents don't really like tattoos, and my mom only knows about 2 of mine, and my dad only knows about one. I really don't lie to my parents, but they would just give me a hard time to about them. So, what do your parents think about tattoos?

  2. Hej!

    Jag har en tatuering på min högra arm, den säger "BREAD"...jag älskar att baka :)

    Okay, so, there's this puppeteering company in Vermont that I've been a bit obsessed with since last March. I stayed with them in May and helped paint giant butterfly wings for their Domestic Resurrection Circus. "Art should be as basic to life as bread."

    I'm terrible with technology (which is partly why I lived for six weeks in the woods this summer), so I'll get someone to help me upload a picture of my tattoo very soon...or I'll wait til I get my next tattoo and just upload pictures of both at the same time. I'm getting a Hedwig and the Angry Inch tattoo. I'm genderqueer, so I identify very closely with Hedwig.

    -Spenser Feller