Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tjenixens, greetings from Adam Stigborn

Well I guess it´s hard to be last in line to write your presentation but if we start a short boring presentation of the so exciting me. I live in a minor village and I guess with your standards you could call it insignificant because of its 5000 inhabitants. All my life has always been about sports and mainly hockey and football – yes I´m talking about soccer - until about one year ago when I sadly realized that I wouldn´t make it to the NHL. So nowadays you could say that I spend a lot of time in school and doing my homework but I my classmates would kind of say the difference :/ So what do I do with my life? I got a lovely girlfriend so most of my time (and money) is based on her. Of course school is a big part of my schedule but a much smaller part then my pre-writers. So what it all comes down to is chilling, a lot of chillin’ and trying to find a loophole in the system of life like trying to earn some big money but with a lot less effort. Well I haven´t find it yet but shame if you quit. I work some times and a lot during the summers but during the winters I have a weekend job at a fish-store. Fabulous and glamorous you might think but that’s not all… I clean the fish store. So I am so low you can get in the food chain. I love vacations but then I want a pair of skies or a big as sailing boat that you really can push to the limit. I´m trying to take my driving license, both car and motorcycle. A boy dream is to drive a ducati ss, but with parents how hates the idea of a motorcycle it seems like I will have to wait a while but it´s always fun to have a goal in life. Mine is a motorcycle, funny….

Now I while go back to my Swedish life which includes loving everybody and paying 50% tax J (L)

Your sincerely(!?) Adam Stigborn

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