Wednesday, September 29, 2010



Finally we can start to blog and write to each other, I have really been looking forward to this! My name is Emma, I am 18 years old and currently following my last year at our "gymnasium" or high school you could say. I have always loved to speak and study english, so much that I am thinking about becoming an Au Pair in London and at the same time study the language more.
In my sparetime I love to work out, everything from spinning and the gym to golf, dance and skiing. I also love to cook and bake, so there is pretty much all the time some sort of cake or cookie in the house, although I am not a fan of eating it. That is however liked but my parents and especially my grand-mother, that loves my chocolate/orange cake and my blackberry muffins. While I bake, I listen to my favourite artist, Celine Dion and dreaming of some day maby seeing one of her shows live.
In the future I would love to become a journalist or work with marketing, but right now my biggest project, outside of school, is the driving licence. That's right, learning how to drive a car has not been easy, but now I think I about to get it!!

And finally, I am looking forward to an exciting, fun and giving exchange with all of you over there...

Vi hörs och syns allesammans
Emma Johansson


  1. Hej Emma, det är bra att höra från dig.

    Jag tänkte att du skulle vilja veta att min flickväns favorit musiker är Celine Dion också och hon äntligen kunde ser hennes förra äret.

    Jag ska lägg någon bilder när jag kan lista ut hur!

    De var jätte upphetsad eftersom de satt mycket nära henne.

  2. jag har hört att det är svårt för att ta en körkort för unga människor. måste man betalar mycket pengar?

  3. Oh, now I am extremly jealous of your girlfriend Tyler, that must indeed have been wonderful, love to see pictures. What is your favourite music? Anything I might be interested in?

    And yes, it is very expensive to get your drivers licence here in Sweden, it obvioulsy depends a little bit on how much you drive at home and how much you drive at the school, but it is definately a major expense.