Monday, October 4, 2010


First of all I just want to say that my name is not Inga and I´m not blond or have gigantic tits. Actually, none is named Inga anymore, it´s just those old lovely ladies with walkers...

Well, now to me...

My name is Mariette Trempenau, I know, it´ain't a typical Swedish name but I´m raised and born in Sweden. Both my fore and last name come from France. And I have relatives in France, Greman and Danmark. My father is danish and my mother come from Sweden. But don't get impressed, I just know a little bit danish, little German and no French what so ever. And to get an idea what I look like, check out this picture:

I´m eighteen years old and I live in a small village outside Helsingborg were I go to school, at Campeon. In my village, named Åstorp everybody knows everyone and I live here with my older sister and my mum. I also have a little brother, but he´s moved away from home to play hockey at a higher level. Soon, we will be able to watch him play on TV in “Elitserien” witch it the biggest ice hockey series in Sweden and one of the best in the hole world. And if you ask me ice hockey´s the best sport of them all. You guys´re lucky because you can experiences, according to med the best hockey you can get, NHL.

Even though I love hockey I would never be able to play it, I literally look like Bambi on thin ice. Or you can put it in other words: I suck. But I have played another sport were I at least don´t look like a idiot. That sport´s floorball, (Google it) ´s a swedish sport and I´ve played it fore about four years. But at the moment, I can´t play because of illness so instead I spend time at photographing, witch has become a huge passion fore me. I also like to spend a lot of time in photoshop were I make dramatic changes; an exampel is when i made the hottie Megan Fox too an “Avatar”.

When I´m not traveling to see my brother play or taking pictures or getting lost in photoshop. I hang out with my friends, have cozy evenings with my boyfriend, partying, studying and just living. And of course I do just like EVERYBODY else, I spend to much time on “Facebook” so... if you have facebook, facebook me! It would be much more fun. But I think that our teachers will force us to continue write here on the blog, hehe.*

Too bad that we can´t go to USA, I have always wonder what it feels like to like the American dream...or play real beerpong.

PS. If you think my presentation was lame, ask me questions, made that will spice it up! AND a swedish greeting: Danny, mitt favoritlag i NHL är The Red Wings och min favoritspelare är Henrik Lundqvist, om du kommer till Sverige så kan vi gå och kolla på elitseriematch, serien är nämligen i full gång! Holly, jag måste bara säga.. riktigt söt hund! Och jag är övertygad om att jag, med min stora USA mani kommer att besöka USA någon gång i mitt liv, kanske till och med spendera några år där. Jag ser verkligen fram emot att ni kommer till Sverige så kan jag få en smak av det amerikanska livet samtidigt som ni får uppleva Sverige!

Love. MT.

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