Monday, October 25, 2010


Hi, my name is Julia and I live in Helsingborg. I am aware of the fact that I’m late with my presentation but I was really busy (sleeping?) but hey I’m writing now and that’s the most important part right?

I’m turning 18 in less then 3 weeks which is a HUGE deal for me – finally I’m not (theoretically) a kid anymore! I’ve always lived in the central part of Helsingborg, though in different apartments and houses, and I could never imagined living outside of the city. I’m definitive a city girl and Helsingborg is way too small for me so I can’t wait until I can move to a bigger and more exiting town. Luckily I have the opportunity to sometimes escape from Helsingboring (I’m really selling you the city aren’t I?) and travel to the south of Spain where my dad lives. And no my dad is not Spanish, he just prefers living there but he of course still spends time in Sweden because he has his company here and me. I’m actually going to Spain this Friday during our “autumn vacation” to get some sun and see my dad. I guess you guys think that I’m fluent in Spanish but unfortunately I’m not. I suck.

In Sweden I mostly live with my mum (except for when my dad is home) and my stepfather. I have one “half brother” on my mum’s side but he recently graduated from a hotel school in Switzerland and moved to Madrid. I also have two step siblings but they live in New York and New castle – soooo not jealous. I guess that’s all I have to say about my family. Oh I have a dog but she lives in Spain so I rarely see her.

Now a bit more about me. My biggest passion in life is music. I love music. I like almost all type of music but my favourite genre is rock. My best friend is my ipod (wow I’m such a nerd) and I carry it with me 24/7. Another huge passion in my life is dancing. Now I’m not like a professional dancer or anything, I just love to dance and I take classes during my free time. Seeing different places and travelling is something I love to do, especially going America. I’ve been there four times visiting Plattsburg and Boston, Florida and New York two times. Next time I want to go to the west coast and see California. Like most people I watch a lot of tv, for example Simpsons, family guy, Greys anatomy, true blood and other cheesy series. Basically if it’s on tv I like it. Facebook, fmylife, failblog and other blogs are also things I spend my time on.

During the weekends I usually go to parties, dinner parties or just watching bad horror flicks with friends. If it’s a really good Friday I’ll be screaming my ass of and jumping around like an idiot at a concert. Two weeks ago I saw Biffy Clyro, a pop/rock Scottish band, and hopefully I will convince someone to go and see Deftones with my In a few weeks but unfortunately not many of my friends share my taste in music.

Okay, so now you now a bunch of crap about me (Yaaay). Looking forward to talking to you more!

Peace out dudes!

Btw feel free to add me on facebook, Julia Ohlsson. Just look for the hot babe.

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