Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hej kiddos!


Jag heter Jordan och jag är 20 år gammal. Detta är mitt andra år på svenska på U of M. Jag tycker det är roligt och intressant, men också svårt. Jag är en junior och som huvudämne studerar jag statsventenskap . Min hemstad är Port Huron i tummen av Michigan. Jag gillar mitt hem eftersom det är nära till vattnet och stranden. Det är där jag spenderar mesta tiden på sommaren. Jag tycker också om att paddla kajak. Jag har en äldre syster och bror. Caitlin bor i Grand Rapids och går på college. Adam bor i Washington D.C. och arbetar för regeringen. Jag gillar att resa och campa. I somras åkte jag till West Virginia på forsränning. Jag gillar också att sporta. Mina favoriter är baseball, tennis och amerikansk fotboll. Jag gillar nästan alla typer av musik. Jag gillar film, men inte skrämmande sådana.

Det ska bli roligt att höra från er!

My name is Jordan, you can read my last post for some information about me. I am a huge movie fan, and that is how I spend alot of my spare time. My favorites are action movies like Boondock Saints and Fight Club. I also like to play video games on my xbox 360. My favorite games are Halo and Call of Duty.
I am a junior here at U of M. My major will be Political Science. My hometown is really small, so I love being in Ann Arbor. I especially love this time of year because it is football season. This weekend we have a game and my entire family is coming here to go to it. I am very excited!
I love to travel and be on vacation. This summer I got to go to West Virginia and camped for a week. I also got to raft on white water rapids. I love being outdoors, hunting, and fishing when I can.
My favorite part of my home town is that I am less than 10 minutes from Canada. It may not affect you guys in Sweden, but here we can not drink until we are 21. Thankfully the drinking age in Canada is only 19, so for kids living in Port Huron we go over there alot to go to the bars. Port Huron is the only town I have ever lived in, and hope to move out once I graduate. There are two main events that Port Huron has every summer. The first is Boat Night, which is the start to the Port Huron to Mackinaw boat race. Hundreds of sailboats come and dock in Port Huron, and everyone walks around downtown to view them. The second is the Float Down. For this everyone gets some form of a raft, from an air mattress to a actual canoe and floats down from Port Huron to Marysville without any paddles. The current is strong, but it still takes at least five hours. I will try to put up some pictures later!


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  1. Hey Jordan! Glad to hear that you play tennis, I guess the William sisters and Andy Roddick is pretty popular over in the states. By the way did you know that Roddick’s girlfriend is ranked hottest girl in the world, just saying. I play tennis as well, hope I can get over there, or the other way around so that we can play some. Please pass this on, all your Swedish knowledge is amazing, when I get stuck with language issues Google translate is a great relief.
    C ya!