Wednesday, September 22, 2010



Jag heter Spenser Feller. Jag studerar slaviska språk och poesi. Jag studerar svenska eftersom jag vill flytta till polcirkeln. Jag tycker om film och marionetter och konst och jordbruk och rödbeter och snö och språk och poesi. Jag vill bli författare så jag skriver och läser mycket. Jag gillar Sabrina Orah Mark, CA Conrad, Divine, John Waters, Pippi Långstrump, Cheburashka, Dusan Makavejev, queer ikonen Levi Johnston, och Vanna White. Vanna är den enda sanna poeten. Jag är mycket intresserad av queerteori, dekadens, den makabra, och litterär huliganism. Jag älskar allt absurt och onödigt och vackert, som döda: James Dean, Pierre Clémenti, Viktor Tsoi. Jag gillar folklore och natur. Alla älskar gigantiska vatten och den Grand Canyon men tror jag att små, vanliga saker kan vara vackrare. Jag älskar musik, mat, dans, dryck, röda läppar, kaffe och cigaretter med vänner, den första snön på året, vackra män, och vulgära dikter och skämt. Jag är lite splittrad men jag hoppas att vi kan bli goda vänner!


Hey guys,

I'm 18 years old and I'm a second year Slavic student at U of M. I'm applying to the grad school here next year (yikes!) for a concurrent Master's degree in Russian and East European Studies. In case you can't tell, I'm ridiculously young to be doing this, but that's because I'm basically crazy. I'm obsessed with Eastern Europe, and I want more than anything to spend next summer on an organic farm just outside of Odessa (Battleship Potemkin, anyone?), or maybe by Belgrade. I also plan to spend all of next year in Russia, probably in St. Petersburg, but possibly in Yaroslavl. I study Russian, Ukrainian, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, Spanish, and of course, Swedish. I hope to study post-punk Polish poetics (check out the band Maanam) in grad school, but we'll see. While I'm totally obsessed with E. Europe, I would never want to live there. I am dying to spend the rest of my life (after I hopefully get an MFA in poetry from NYU followed by a dual PhD in Slavic Literatures and Film from Yale) in northern Sweden in the arctic circle. I love love love winter, snow, ice, coldness. I figure skated for ten years, and when I was a little kid I used to have early morning practice before school, and I would always fall asleep on the ice. It was wonderful. Basically, what I want most out of life is to live somewhere that is very wintery, no matter what. Also it's imperative that I live with as many gigantic fluffy dogs as I can handle. I absolutely love dogs, and I really miss my dog when I'm here in Ann Arbor instead of at home. So, anyway, I am really excited to hear from you guys. I want to know what you all are into and whether or not I'm the only crazy one!

p.s. my favorite band at the moment:
p.p.s. check out Sweet Movie if you can, it's my all time favorite.


  1. Dude I saw the link you posted in your blog, arent they from Russia, I thought you Yanks hated the reds?

  2. Kristian, schh! Då skulle de ju tycka illa om mig med :o

  3. Kristian--they're Ukrainian, which is more or less the same thing (but don't tell them I said that or they'll shoot me).
    And last I checked, we haven't hated the Russkies since like 1991. And I certainly don't hate them :)

  4. Do you like the russian writers, like Dostojevskij,Tolstoj?

  5. Javisst! Jag tycker om traditionella ryska författare som Tolstoj och Gogol (Dead Souls) men nu läser jag mycket ryska poesi på post-futurists...
    Om du gillar ryska litteraturen...

  6. I like Dostojevskij alot, he is my favourit writer all time. I don't read poetry, maybe I should try.

    But I do like novells, Kafka (no Russian I know but anyway) is a very good novell writer.If you haven't read it you should read "A hunger artist" by Franz Kafka. :)

    Oberiu, never heard about it. I'll check it.