Monday, February 7, 2011

Yo to every bro

Hi everyone

What's happening right now in my "interesting" life..?

- I'm going to ski next week during our "sports holiday" in the Dolomites (Northern Italy). I love skiing, it's probably the best way to get a total workout, ever!

- In March, during your stay, I will attend a Model United Nations here in Helsingborg. I will represent New Zeeland´with one of my friends who has been there as an exchange student. Also, in May, Ime and a couple of my friends, will go to Lubeck in Germany for an international Model United Nations, representing Germany (!). Have you ever been participating in a MUN? :)

At Campeon's own MUN

This is the little lovely town Lubeck.

Emma :)

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  1. Vad gör man i MUN? Vi hade det på min gymnasiet men jag gjorde det inte. Det låter kul!