Monday, February 7, 2011

Super bowl

So, what are your thoughts of the Super bowl? I thought it was a great match and a great performance from Black Eyed Peace and all but I have to mention Christina Aguilera’s singing of the national anthem. It is said that she switched some words and that she didn’t even know the right lyrics but that didn’t strike me as much as the way she sung it. I know she´s got a great voice but to show it off as much as she did? The highest pitch of all evening was when she took the last note and finished the anthem.

P.S. Fergie’s shoulder pads looked really cool and Black Eyed Peace were much better than The Who last Super Bowl!

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  1. I am going to write in Swedish, and there will probably be a lot of mistakes, sorry...
    Jag tittade inte The Super Bowl, eftersom jag tycker inte om football. Ibland tittar jag The Super Bowl på commerical eller halftime, men jag HATA the black eyes peas. Du tror the black eyed peas var bättre än the who?