Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hello - Goodnight!

Hello everyone!
My name is Sofie and I haven't been especially active here on the blog. Hehe. I will not make up any lousy stories why I haven't. I just haven't.
Perhaps I shall write something about myself, since some of you will soon meet me in person?
I am 165 cm tall and I have got short, brown hair and blue eyes. Speaking about my hair... I think I've got a quite amusing story to share.
About 17 months ago, me and I friend dyed my hair blonde one night without the instruction manual. We guessed if the hair was supposed to be wet or dry and for how long the chemicals were recommended to be in contact with the hair. This was, as you've propably already figured - doomed to fail. The texture of my hair was like chewing gum afterwards and lots of it fell off when I brushed it. I remember just standing in front of the mirror about 2 a.m, watching my hair fall like snow into the bathroom sink. And I was already blonde, I just wanted to brighten it up a bit. Well, not the "brightest" decision I've made in my life. After that I cut my hair short as an emergency solution. 1 cm... and yes, I looked like a boy.
Either way, my hair has grown out again but I've promised myself and my mother to NEVER EVER play hairdresser at home again.

I love to wear colorful clothes and I laugh a lot. I don't live at home anymore and that freedom is unexplainable. Instead of 2 hours commuting every day, I now commute 26 minutes. This means I've got more time left to study which I ofcourse take advantage of (;
Questions to the visitors:
Are you excited about your visit?
...and most importantly: Are you partypeople?;D

I think this is good enough for now... feel free to ask me about anything.

Goodbye goodnight friendly people!
(I will try to show you a picture of me, but don't expect too much, though. I am not especially technical)
to be continued.

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