Wednesday, February 9, 2011

So much to do and so little time left!

I feel a little bit bad, no scratch that... I feel really terrible because I have not written in this blog in a really long time. But I guess you all know the drill. I've got sick in the early autumn and missed one week in school and that week we had like 3000 homework assignments so most of my time I have spent catching up on them. I have a lot going on with my senior project too. I'm doing a figure skating show, or I have done one and have one to go and it's a lot of work and planning behind it because I'm involving over 100 people.

I'm really looking forward to graduate because of all the stress that’s going on right now. Everybody is like “ hey it’s only 100 days left” and I just panic because I have so much things to do at this 100 days just passing by. After school I’m going to travel around Europe by train with my two best friends. That’s all I know for now. Later on I’m going back to study something but I’m not sure what. Yet. I’m really jealous of people that already have that part figured out. But I guess I will too.

I’m really looking forward to met you guys! See you soon!

This is an example of how our graduation-cap can look like. Everybody in Helsingborg/Sweden wears this special hat the day they take their graduation from upper secondary school. It means a lot to everyone and inside you usually get a message from your classmates that you can go back and read many, many years after this special day. We actually got ours today and everybody got really excited!

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  1. Jag såg många bilder om den här hattarna, men de var bara i Finland. Jag förstått inte att de finns i Sverige också. Men är de bara till graderingen? Eller har man dem också till olika händelser?

    Är den annorlunda än era?