Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Illness and winter

Oh dear, I have not been ill in over a year, but now those days are over. Not only have I got a naughty cold and an ichy throat, no, last week i fell down from a box horse and hit my behind on the floor. I have not been able to do practically anything for the past week, which is super annoyning since I am a very active person. And now the cold as well, I really hate my life right now. BUT don't feel sorry for me, I guess it's just my turn now, and a few hours off school has no one died of before, right?!

Anyway, the winter has come to Helsingborg, we have been shoveling snow for the past week and a half, and now the ground is beatuifly white, oh, I just live the winter. Skiing, skating and long walks in the cold and frisk winter night. Soon Christmas, I am longing so much!!

Made some figues marmalade and white chocolate toffee today. Mm very nice. Makes me happy, and my parents, i hope ;O

Have a good week
Hugs from an icy Helsingborg and a sick

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