Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Leaving bad weather!

Hi guys, I'm off to London!
When we were skyping with eachother the other day, I got the impression that you wern't that fond of England, but in a few hours I'm leaving for London. I am really looking forward to it, and especially to seeing my cousin and her husband and their beautiful little son.
So I'm leaving Sweden and the really bad weather we have here, rain, wind, more rain and even more wind. This kind of weather is a very boring Swedish speiciallity this time of year. Hopefulyy we can get some snow in a few months and that the ground can be wihite when you are coming here in March.

See you


  1. Hej Emma!

    För den mesta, amerikanskar tror att engelskar är malliga. Men jag skulle vilja åka till London. Då ska inte prata så dåligt om vädret i Sverige: jag vill inte tycker illa om det! Jag hoppas att älska Sverige och deras dåliga väder :P

    Ha en bra lov i London :)

  2. Va sa du Collin!?! Alla amerikanska som jag vet älskar människor från Storbritannien! Deras accenter är så sött!! =D Min biokemi professor är från London. Jag älskar när han pratar! xD

    Ha en bra resa Emma!! Jag är faktiskt lite avundsjuk. Ta mig med dig!! 8D

  3. Well, I'm back home and I hade a great time. The best was obvioulsy to see my relatives and chat in english with my cousins Portugeese fiancée. We were also sightseeing and shopping. The weather was not at its best, but it was warm, so we were able to walk around as much as we wished. Hope I'm going back soon.
    And Collin, you are goning to love the rain and wind over here... ;)!